Holly Hunt Leverages SSCM to Optimize IT and Free Up Resources to Focus on the Business

Holly Hunt Leverages SSCM to Optimize IT and Free Up Resources to Focus on the Business

Getting to the Root Cause of the Problem

Holly Hunt is a manufacturing distributor of luxury home furnishings. They operate the majority of business outside of the distribution center in Chicago, but also run smaller showroom operations throughout the U.S.

Like many mid-market companies like them, Holly Hunt did not historically have well-established standardizations around certain aspects of IT management. Over the years, and many transitions, engineers, and projects later, their IT system grew to become extremely complex and hard to manage. This led to challenges down the road when break-fix maintenance grew out of control and network policies started impacting day-to-day operations. They approached BDO Digital's Managed Services team to help identify the root cause of their challenges and provide a solution for streamlining their IT management.

Streamlining IT Management to Open New Opportunities for Growth

After a thorough investigation of the current processes in place, and speaking to the users, IT leaders and business stakeholders of the company, BDO Digital developed a customized solution around Microsoft System Center. The goal of the solution was not only to standardize these systems but also manage them moving forward. System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) was a natural fit for Holly Hunt because they were able to integrate it seamlessly with the systems that were already in place. It streamlined the process and opened up new opportunities to pursue forward-thinking value-added initiatives that were previously off limits due to their complexity. The new system freed up the IT department to focus less on break-fix maintenance and more on strategic projects that helped drive greater business value.

Holly Hunt